Creating Moments That Matter Most

You are a health or wellness professional, physician, yoga instructor, mediation teacher, creative coach, nutritionist, fitness coach or similar wellness professional and have been running your business for a while.

You are just short of hitting the 6-figure income level or you’ve crossed that line a while ago and you are eager to keep on growing.

You thrive on being with your clients and helping them heal, learn and live their lives to its fullest potential.

Your work has an impact. It not only supports your livelihood or makes you a proud business owner, it changes the lives of people for the better.

On any given day you a wearing a multitude of different hats: CEO, financial director, marketing director, program director, customer services rep, therapist, mom, babysitter, workshop instructor, sales director, . . .

Some of those hats you don’t mind wearing, others you’d rather give someone else to wear but most of the time you actually prefer to go without a hat.

In fact, the moments you live for, the moments that are the reason you started your business in the first place, the moments that keep you going through rough times, these moments are the ones when you don’t wear a hat at all.

You know which moments we talk about, right?

The moments where you can just be with your customers, fully present, in full energetic alignment with everyone and everything around you and above and beyond.

The moments where you suddenly witness that subtle shift in your customer. Maybe it’s in their eyes, maybe in their voice, their posture, or maybe in their energetic field. But it’s a noticeable shift that tells you they just got it.

Whatever you were trying to teach them, tell them, show them, channel for them, help them with, it suddenly fell into place, subtle but noticeable.

It’s that moment that matters most. There is no hat for that.

Want More Moments That Matter?

Let’s Do This!

Your roadmap at a glance

  • 1
    Free Discovery Call

    We schedule a 30-minute discovery call to learn as much about your business as we can: why you started your business, what drives you to keep going, what success means for you, what you love doing and what you’d like to get off your desk asap, etc. We will also explain to you in all detail how things work around here and what your options are.

  • 2
    Get On The Right Business Track

    Based on our discovery call we will recommend the best path forward. Do you need more coaching to uncover your story? Do you need consulting and hands-on support setting up your processes and systems? Are project management and virtual assistant services the right answer? Operations? Marketing? Taking your business online? Maybe a combination of everything. Whatever it is, we’ll lay out your roadmap, provide you with a quote and timeline, and guide you through all the fine print.

  • 3

    Once we’ve agreed on your success track, we will set up an agreement that spells out all our deliverables and includes details of working together, such as payments, non-disclosure agreements, non-compete clauses, cancellation policy, etc.

  • 4
    Working Together

    The details of our working relationship will be determined by the business track you chose. But certain things are for sure: There’s lots to do and we won’t waste a second of your time. And since we are in this together, you’ll have to do some work too, especially when it comes to uncovering your story and defining your ideal customer. That’s not an easy task. Heavy lifting will be involved. You’ll be sweating. What else can we tell you? Just two more things: we are known for getting things done and it’s gonna be fun. Lots of. We can hardly wait to get started!

Sound good?

Let’s Do This!