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We custom-design transformative wellness programs & retreats for hotels, resort spas and other destinations.

The Rules we live by:

  1. The success of wellness programs & retreats lies in their transformative power and strategic design.
  2. Your customer’s journey is part of the experience.
  3. Successful marketing begins with a great product.

Our services provide you with:

  1. High-quality, transformative wellness programs & retreats that are strategically designed around the sweet spot of your property and fully align with your ideal customers.
  2. All the tools and resources you need for impeccable delivery of your wellness programs & retreats. This includes access to our global network of Visiting Practitioners and retreat leaders with longtime experience leading destination retreats and providing holistic wellness services.
  3. A set of proven marketing guidelines, communication materials and hands-on marketing support for successful marketing & sales.

01 Wellness Program Design

It’s very tempting to look for yoga and meditation programs as a quick add-on to your wellness programs or to look for popular mindbody experts – preferably social influencers – to lead new retreats at your property.

But people are not looking for yoga classes or a series of educational sessions in a beautiful setting. They are looking for a change of perspective, for a curated experience and for a guided journey that takes them through personal transformation.

The ultimate value of a wellness retreat lies its transformational power and its ability to lead to sustainable changes in the lives of your guests.

Staying true to your brand and developing transformative wellness programs & retreats around the sweet spot of your property is essential for winning the heart of the high-end, repeat wellness traveler, for standing out from the crowds and for claiming your spot as premier wellness resort.

We custom design high-quality, integrative wellness programs for you that fully align with your brand and audience, emphasize meaningfulness, authenticity and transformation and provide a unique experience for your guests that they will only find at your resort.

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02 Wellness Program Operations

Each wellness retreat is an opportunity for you to create a unique, immersive experience for your guests.

One that can have a long-lasting impact on their wellbeing. One that has the potential to transform their lives. One that they will remember forever.

And because of that powerful impression you can create, you cannot leave it up to your guests to take a self-guided tour through your retreats.

You need to own the experience you provide. You need to provide guidance for every step along their journey. That requires thinking beyond the boundaries of your property.

Everything that’s happening along your guests’ journey is part of the experience, starting from pre-purchase inspiration, pre-arrival communication and the journey to/from your property, to post-retreat guidance and sharing of memories long after your guests have returned back home.

We help you stay ahead of each step along your guests’ journey and deliver a stellar experience by providing you with:

  • A detailed storyboard that outlines each step of your guests’ journey and provides you and your team with all the tools you need to take full ownership of your guests’ experiences.
  • An operations plan that sets the stage for an absolutely impeccable delivery of your programs and supports scalability of your programs for continuous and successful growth.
  • A comprehensive collection of operational materials that provide your teams with everything they need for exquisite program management. Materials include BO sheets, checklists, resource lists, admin templates as well as financial spreadsheets and P&L’s for forecasting and budgeting.
  • An outsourced process of researching, vetting and selecting visiting practitioners who are a perfect fit for your property, have long-time experience facilitating destination retreats and have established a strong following.

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03 Wellness Retreat Marketing

The rule of “build it and they will come” doesn’t quite apply to successful wellness retreats. Randomly putting wellness programs together, strongly investing in advertising and waiting for your guests to show up will only produce random results.

Predictable success requires a more strategic approach.

Each retreat has the potential to tell the story of your brand in a powerful way and ideally turns into the best marketing in itself because your guests are so enchanted, they can’t stop raving about it and sharing on social media.

Successful marketing begins with a great product.

We will make sure that your wellness retreats are in full alignment with your brand, property and audience and that you are well prepared for a flawless delivery of your wellness experiences.

Equipped with a set of proven strategies and resources you will be able to get your retreats in front of your ideal audience and let your light shine through all stages of your guests’ experiences.

Our latest venture, www.pomale.com, a marketing platform designed to promoting wellness travel, healthy food and everyday wellness, provides you with an additional layer of marketing communication and outreach activities.

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