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Business Development

As a wellness entrepreneur who embarked on a mission to change the world, you have no desire to stay small. You want to grow.

Sustainable business growth requires a diverse portfolio that supports your resilience, a solid growth strategy as well as processes and systems that ensure scalability, streamlined operations and your flexibility to quickly respond to new situations and circumstances.

We help you get on the right growth track by

  • uncovering your story, purpose, mission and where exactly you want to take your business
  • mapping out the customer journey (incl. sales process, onboarding, delivery, and uplevelling)
  • identifying & implementing processes & systems for efficient business operations (incl. CRM system, e-commerce integrations, scheduling systems, online course/membership platforms, business automation, outsourcing options, etc.)
  • identifying opportunities for streamlining and simplifying your business

Wellness Marketing

You love what you are doing and you know you are doing it well. You know that your work has an enormous impact on people’s health & wellbeing and you are eager to reach more people. You also know that in order to do that you have to promote your services and sell. But you just don’t like being out there, bragging about the great work you do, drumming up business.

You’d rather do the work than talk about it.

We gladly do the talking for you because we think that you have an amazing gift to share and we can’t wait to tell the world about it.

But before we jump into execution and start posting on social media or put money into advertising, there is some soul work to do. We want to make sure that your business is fully aligned with your purpose, story and ideal audience.

Once we have that clarity about your purpose, story, ideal customer and where you want to take your business, we’ll craft your cornerstone content, identify the media channels that work best for you and put processes and systems in place that support consistent, effective marketing that’s authentic, personal and educational.

Our marketing services include

  • content strategy (incl. social media, blogs, emails, guest posts, presentations, webinars, podcasts, videos, etc.)
  • content creation and content marketing
  • creation sales letters, sales sequences and sales funnels
  • web design & development
  • search engine optimization
  • design of landing (sales) pages
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Holding on to the vision of your business while following through on continuous development and day-to-day operations is not easy. There will always be challenges, distractions, and more important things to do.

We keep our eyes on the big picture so that your purpose, ideal customers and products & services stay aligned with your day-to-day operations, consistent marketing and sustainable business growth and that things keep on moving in the right direction at the right time with the right resources.

That way you can move forward with peace of mind, knowing that everything is being taken care of and you can focus on doing the things you love doing.

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Business & Marketing Management Services

This is probably the area you wish would magically disappear one day: entering expenses, paying bills, sending invoices, administrative tasks, customer support, managing editorial calendars, creating blog posts, emails and social media posts, content marketing management, SEO & advertising management, web edits, . . .

If that list makes you want to go back to sleep, there is some good news for you: this is exactly the area where we can let our organizational skills shine and free up an enormous amount of your time.

Together with you we’ll review what needs to be done, what will remain a manual task, what can be automated, which processes can be streamlined or simplified and what systems can help increase effectiveness and efficiency. Then we’ll roll up our sleeves and get to work.

Our “getting it done” services include
  • project management
  • VA services
  • social media marketing management
  • content marketing management
  • copywriting and editing
  • web edits, creation of landing pages, blog post design & scheduling
  • email marketing, including newsletter design and content cration
  • online course creation & management on various platforms
  • membership program design & management using various tools and platforms
  • retreat & workshop management (including bookings & travel arrangements)
  • customer relations management

We won’t bore you with further details, just get in touch with us, let us know what you need and we’ll tell you what we can do for you.

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