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We design and develop high-quality, integrative wellness programs & retreats for hotels, resort spas and other destinations and provide effective marketing, branding and PR support for successful sales and retreat enrollment.

Wellness travel is booming. More and more travelers are expecting destinations to provide wellness services that go beyond spa treatments or healthy meals and they are prepared to pay for it.

But today’s wellness customers are sophisticated, their expectations are high and if programs and services are not delivered with integrity or do not meet their standards, a promising opportunity will be lost.

Not all destinations have the in-house resources to successfully launch, implement and promote wellness programs that enchant their guests, are popular, profitable and provide proven benefits for the health & wellbeing of their visitors.

Here’s the good news: They don’t have to. Because that’s exactly where we can help.

01 Wellness Retreat Design & Development

We design high-quality, authentic wellness programs that emphasize meaningfulness, simplicity, and transformation and help hotels and resort spas to stand out from the crowds, claim their brand as true wellness destination and win the heart of the high-end repeat traveler.

All our retreats are designed as white label programs, which means they carry the brand and corporate identity of your property and naturally support your unique positioning. Everything looks like, feels like and sounds like it is coming from you while we take care of things in the background.

Each retreat is designed to provide a unique transformative journey for your guest and to let your brand shine through all phases of the retreat experience, starting from pre-purchase impressions and on-site immersions to sharable memories long after your guests returned back home.

To ensure exceptional wellness experiences for your guests we:

  • Design detailed retreat concepts for you that fully align with your brand and audience and provide transformative, potentially life changing experiences for your guests.
  • Connect you with experienced, marketing savvy visiting practitioners who will facilitate your retreats and promote your property to their audience.
  • Create all retreat materials you need for successful retreat marketing and sales.
  • Provide you with detailed operations plans that let you stay in control of every phase of the wellness experiences you are providing for your guests and set you up for impeccable delivery of your wellness programs.
Our retreat design & development services provide effective and scalable solutions for destinations with a strong interest in offering authentic, high-quality, integrative wellness programs that fully align with their brand and audience, provide exceptional experiences for their guests and create sustainable sources of revenue.

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02 Visiting Practitioner Program

Since 2008 we have been growing a global network of integrative health and wellness experts and can quickly connect destinations with seasoned, marketing savvy wellness professionals who can facilitate short-term or seasonal wellness programs as visiting practitioners.

Our wellness professionals are coaches, consultants, nutritionists, stress management specialists, integrative health experts, personal trainers, corporate trainers, meditation instructors, yoga teachers, spiritual leaders, shamans, and representatives from other health & wellness fields who over the years have developed their own strong following for their retreats, journeys and online programs.

All of our visiting practitioners are recognized experts in their fields, many of them are social influences with thousands of followers on social media and most of them are published authors and/or contributors to health & lifestyle magazines such as Thrive Global, Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, Elephant Journal, Lion’s Roar, Healing Lifestyles & Spas and others.

The Visiting Practitioner Program works similar to a speakers bureau except that instead of speakers we send experienced retreat leaders your way and provide you with hands-on retreat marketing support and with all retreat materials you need for successful marketing and sales.

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03 Wellness Retreat Marketing

Retreat marketing is tricky. Other than vacation packages or specials that people can book individually over a longer period of time, group retreats have a set date and your marketing initiatives have to convert into sales at a specific time.

Effective marketing strategies are essential for the success of your retreats.

We strongly believe that successful marketing begins with a great product. Like David Ogilvy said “Great marketing only makes a bad product fail faster.”

A great retreat is not only defined by its content and overall design but also by the way it’s delivered, which includes the whole experience starting from retreat pre-registration inspiration and the journey to/from your property to on-site and off-site immersions and extended learning experiences and sharing of memories long after your guests have returned back home.

We will make sure that your wellness retreats are in full alignment with your brand, property and audience and that you are well prepared for flawless delivery of your wellness experiences.  A set of proven strategies, tactics, tools and resources will then get your retreats in front of your ideal audience and let your light shine through all stages of your guests’ experiences.

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