Deborah  Hanekamp

Shaman, Intuitive Healer, Seeress

Deborah Hanekamp, aka Mama Medicine, is a Seeress with more than 17 years experience in the healing arts. She is an Initiated Amazonian Shaman, Reiki Master and Yogini. Deborah facilitates Medicine Readings out of her space in Soho, NY and in beautiful locations all over the world.

Deborah’s Medicine Readings are full-sensory experiences that engage the faculties of scent, sound, and feeling and last no more than 2 hours, inducing a trance state in the recipient. A recipient does not need to believe in anything in order to benefit from the experience (skeptics welcome). After effects may include: euphoria, bliss, stability, feeling grounded in the present moment, and profound sense of wellbeing. Long term benefits can include anti-aging, weight loss, physical radiance, anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, ability to be open to love and connected to your purpose, the acceptance of and gratitude for the life you live.

At the end of every Medicine Reading Ceremony, Deborah prescribes a ritual bath. These beautiful baths (with flowers, crystals, and herbs), along with her unique aesthetic and approachable personality, have garnered Mama Medicine tens of thousands of global followers on Instagram. Her work has been featured in Vogue, New York Times, Well + Good, The Guardian, Marie Claire and on a great number of healing and lifestyle websites.

Signature Retreat

Element Retreat

ELEMENT is an immersive and transformative journey to the shaman within. Participants retreat into nature, wake up every morning to the healing power of the sun and honor the elements—breathing in sacred air, walking on sacred ground, sleeping under the sacred sky.

Deborah Hanekamp will harness the elements to guide participants through an immersive and expanded version of her Medicine Readings, shamanic ceremonies that integrate ancient healing traditions for modern life.

Read more about Deborah’s signature retreat here

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