Our Approach

What makes our work different

01 Transformative Design

People are not looking for yoga classes or a series of educational sessions in a beautiful setting. They are looking for a change of perspective, for a curated experience and for a journey that gently guides them through personal transformation.

We design high-quality, integrative wellness programs that are grounded in science and emphasize meaningfulness, authenticity and transformation.

Each retreat is designed around your property’s sweet spot and provides a unique, transformative journey for your guests that helps you stand out from the crowds and claim your brand as true wellness resort.

02 Strategic Development

The rule of “build it and they will come” doesn’t apply to wellness programming. Randomly putting wellness programs together, investing in heavy advertising and then waiting for your guests to show up will only produce random results.

All our solutions begin with a thorough strategic analysis. That typically includes brand reviews, market comparisons, competitor analyses, strategic positioning, and detailed customer segmentations.

Designing and developing wellness programs from a strategic point of view will ensure high-quality and authenticity, stellar delivery and future marketing success.

03 Impeccable Operations

A great retreat is not only defined by its content and overall design but also by the way it’s delivered. Impeccable program operations require meticulous planning, cross-functional teamwork, situational awareness and the ability to anticipate your guests’ needs at every step along their journey.

We provide you with experienced retreat leaders, resource lists, checklists, templates, financial forecasts and other operational tools that give your teams everything they need for a stellar delivery of your programs.

04 Effective Marketing

Successful marketing begins with a great product. We make sure that your wellness retreats are in full alignment with your brand, property and audience and that your retreat content, story, messages and actions let your light shine through every stage of your customer’s journey.

Our latest venture, www.pomale.com, a marketing platform designed to promoting wellness travel, healthy food and everyday wellness, provides you with an additional layer of marketing communication and hands-on outreach activities.

Our Philosophy

We believe in an integrated approach to health and wellness. One that balances physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, social, and occupational wellbeing with mindful living, social responsibility and a healthy environment.

We believe that true personal wellbeing can only be achieved in accordance with a healthy environment and the wellbeing of our communities. Wellness programs that focus solely on improving our physical health and emotional wellbeing without being mindful of our social and environmental responsibility have missed their purpose.

Wellness retreats and programs need to be viable and contribute to your triple bottom line: people, planet, profit.

That’s rule no.1.

But equally important is the quality of the immersive wellness experience retreats can create for your guests and the long-term positive impact they have on your guests’ health and wellbeing.

We strive to make these wellness retreats as widely available as possible!

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