The Principles That Guide Our Work

Strategy & Soul

As a small business or solopreneur you have a big role to play in providing high-quality, integrative wellness services and creating the safe and nurturing space people need to become healthier & happier.

Growing a successful business requires a well thought through strategy and following through with daily actions. The old rule of “build it and they will come” will not lead to a flourishing business. Neither will random action.

However . . .

We also know that your business consists of more than strategy. It is filled with your purpose, your passion, your soul. And your soul needs space to unfold, to be messy, playful, spontaneous, intuitive. These are the elements that spark the special energy that attracts your customers and keeps them with you.

So we like to think of strategy & soul as two sides of the same coin. Or as choreography and improvisation. Both are equally important for your business success and personal fulfillment. Sometimes one is more important, sometimes it’s better to put the other one center stage. We value both and make sure they both get the space they deserve.

Processes & Systems

Processes & systems create the space you need for doing what you set out to do and for growing your business in an organic, sustainable way.

When the going gets tough (it will at some point) and your energy is running low, you need a structure that keeps your business afloat while you are taking care of the most important person in your business: you.

Not your favorite topic? We get it! Looking at the sheer number of processes, tools and systems that are available for small businesses can make your head spin.

But making the right decisions in this area will help you improve, streamline, automate or outsource operational procedures and sets you up for scalability, profitability, impact and enchanted customers, which equals business growth.

How do you choose the right one?

We bring in an outsider’s perspective to your business. Paired with our insider’s knowledge of operations and marketing in the wellness industry, we can quickly help you identify your needs and find the tools and systems that are the best fit for you. (Hint: it’s the one that works best for you, not the one you need to work around to make it fit.)

The result: a resilient business that can weather a good storm and continues to bring forth your unique gifts.

Clarity & Consistency

Clarity and consistency are your key to business success.

The best plan or strategy won’t help if you don’t take consistent action. Bringing a clear and focused vision to everything you do in your business and taking consistent and purposeful action will get you where you want to be.

It’s what you do everyday that matters most to your business success.

This requires:

  • Showing up for yourself and your business everyday.
  • Cutting out random action.
  • Matching a clear vision and strategy with purposeful implementation.
  • Consistent sharing of your story and messages across selected channels.
  • Ongoing monitoring, evaluating and adjusting of your marketing activities and operational procedures.
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