Principles That Guide My Work

Your Energy Matters!

As a wellness professional you are not selling a commodity. You are providing extraordinary experiences for your customers that have the potential to transform their lives. And because of the powerful impact your work can have, you have to show up for your customers with full presence every single time.

That is only possible if you project your most precious resources: your time and your energy.

You cannot afford to work with processes and systems that slow you down, hijack your energy and prevent you from being your best.

Your energy matters. You need to project it!

Processes & Systems

Processes & systems create the mind space and support you need for doing what you set out to do and for growing your business in an organic, sustainable way.

Especially during times when the going gets tough (it will at some point), you need a structure that protects your time & energy and keeps your business afloat while you are taking care of the most important person in your business: you.

Making the right decisions in this area will help you improve, streamline, automate or outsource operational procedures and sets you up for scalability, profitability, impact and enchanted customers.

The result: a resilient business that can weather a good storm and continues to bring forth your unique gifts.

Consistent, Purposeful Action

The key to your business success? Taking action!

The best plan or strategy won’t help if you don’t take consistent action. Bringing a clear and focused vision to everything you do in your business and taking consistent and purposeful action will get you where you want to be.

It’s what you do everyday that matters most to your business success.

This requires showing up for yourself and your business everyday, cutting out random action and matching a clear vision and strategy with purposeful implementation.

Are you ready to take action? Let’s do this!

Authentic Marketing

Marketing is about everything you say and do that brings your ideal audience to your point of sale, turns them into happy customers and, in further consequence, into loyal brand ambassadors because they are so enchanted by your products and services that they won’t stop raving about you and sharing with friends, family and followers.

This means you have to back up your messages with processes and action. This includes program development, sales, onboarding, delivery, networking, blogging, customer relations, external and internal communications, etc.

Especially after your customers purchased one of your programs or services, opportunities for enchantment are endless. This is the time where constant distraction, disruption and the white noise of shallow wellness marketing have disappeared and it’s just you and your customer. This is your time for letting your skills and the quality of your work shine and for enchanting your customers at each touchpoint along their journey.

I look forward to creating these customer journeys with you.

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