Are you ready to open up to a new concept of healthy, inspired, conscious aging? To take steps toward a life that’s driven by your powerful soul? To re-connect with your heart and let your authentic, passionate, purposeful self take the lead? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Welcome to Your Ageless You!

George and Sedena Cappannelli

Join Sedena & George Cappanelli in 2019 for an unforgettable journey!

Sedena and George Cappannelli, co-founders of AgeNation and creators of the Ageless Living PBS series invite you to join them in 2019 for a series of powerful retreats and customized coaching programs that will help you move beyond limited concepts of aging and discover ways to live a vital, youthful and empowered life at any age.

This program will be a life changing experience for everyone who is . . .

  • feeling drained and disconnected from their original purpose in life
  • tired of living a life according to other people’s beliefs
  • lacking inspiration, passion and internal fire
  • anxious and questioning what’s next in life

. . .  and for everyone who is ready to

  • shake off limiting concepts of aging
  • move forward with passion, power and purpose
  • let their inner light shine again
  • switch from survival mode to thriving mode
Join Us For Our New Ageless Living Retreats

Get access to age-empowered tools for revitalizing your energy and promoting happiness, resilience and long life.

Create and strengthen a strong Personal Energy Field to interface with a challenging world.

Discover transformational energy techniques for daily rejuvenation, healing, clarity and balance

Enjoy uplifting interactive processes to create enduring heart/brain coherence

Achieve optimal vitality, balance and purpose at any age

Engage in meditative and joyful Indigenous wisdom and practices to ground you deeply in your purpose, passion and help you step into your cherished dreams

Learn to fortify your core energy, reduce stress, and create greater peace and resilience

Experience youth-enhancing, regenerative techniques for longevity and beauty, inside and out

Move beyond limited concepts of aging and discover ways to be vital, youthful and empowered

It is essential sometimes to go into retreat, to stop everything that you have been doing, to stop your experiences completely and look at them anew, not keep on repeating them like machines. You would then let fresh air into your mind. Wouldn’t you? This place must be of great beauty with trees, birds, and quietness, for beauty is truth and truth is goodness and love.
J. Krishnamurti

Imagine . . .
Retreat Location

The Location

A Sanctuary for Your Soul

We have carefully chosen a premier US destination spa for our retreats. The surroundings, the location as well as the beautiful venue itself provide a nurturing sanctuary where we will spend three days, three times in 2019 for an empowering immersive experience.

The People

Connect with Your Tribe

Join a group of like-minded people who will support each other on this journey, embark on joint discoveries, take old concepts apart, transcend limiting beliefs, celebrate together and give rise to our most authentic, vital, powerful Self.

Retreat Participants

The Dates

3 x Time. For. Yourself!

We have planned 3 retreats for 2019. That’s 3 opportunities for you to take time for yourself, to leave anything behind that has been holding you back from living your most authentic, passionate, purposeful life, and join us for a celebration of your Ageless You!

More Details will be released on December 1, 2018

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Endless Possibilities . . .

Breaking trough limiting beliefs and leaving old habits behind feels empowering, liberating, exhilarating. But it requires commitment, persistence and ongoing support. We don’t want to let gravity sink into your mind and weigh down your soul.

A supporting coaching program with Sedena and George Cappannelli will round up your retreat experiences and ensure that the principles, tools and inspiration you received in the retreats will make their way into your life and stay there forever. Day in. Day out.

Meet Your Hosts
Sedena Cappannelli

Sedena Cappannelli

Sedena Cappannelli is an award winning author of Do Not Go Quietly and other best-selling books, including the latest, The Best is Yet to Be. She is a Conscious Aging Expert, a LifeWellness Coach, speaker and co-founder of AgeNation, an organization providing inspiration and solutions for people over 40.

Her signature Enlivened Ageing programs offer empowering steps for living beyond the limited constructs we’ve been taught about aging, enabling us to be empowered vital, and youthful at any age. Her ground-breaking DVD, PEP-Personal Energy Program, an innovative, personalized wellness program is streamed on Gaiam TV and integrated into her programs and retreats.

George Cappannelli

George Cappannelli

George Cappannelli is an internationally known consultant, author, speaker co-founder of AgeNation. His innovative and inspiring work in leadership development and change management has assisted hundreds of companies in the private, public and non-profit sectors, the people who make them successful and more than a hundred thousand individuals in the general public to maximize their potential and turn their challenges into rewarding opportunities.

Make 2019 Your Year of Ageless Living!
Registration opens December 1, 2018

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