Meet The Team

Ulli  Lagler Peck

Passionate advocate for healthy, sustainable living. More than 25 years international marketing & management experience with health & wellness businesses, environmental nonprofit organizations and the tourism industry.

Genuinely & contagiously happy, puts people at ease, creates clarity for everything and everyone, brings lost projects back on track.

Favorite quote:
Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can’t change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.

Ulli (pronounced like Julie without the J) looks back to a long-time career in the wellness business management, environmental nonprofit and corporate hospitality world.

She designed and developed wellness workshop & retreat programs for resorts and wellness centers worldwide, organized hundreds of workshops and seminars annually during her time as product manager with leading vocational training institutes and managed day-to-day operations of restaurants, hotels, and resort spas in Austria, Switzerland, and the US.

Ulli launched The Wellness Agency in 2008 to help health & wellness professionals and hospitality businesses around the world bring engaging, integrative wellness programs, workshops and retreats to life that inspire and empower people to proactively take care of their health & wellbeing.

During her career in the wellness industry she witnessed many people whose lives were completely transformed by skillful healing practitioners, wellness retreat leaders, movement therapists and spiritual or personal coaches.

She believes that these practitioners are the true heroes in today’s world that needs health & healing like never before. Yet for many of them it’s challenging to cut through the white noise of wellness chatter and get recognized for their high-quality, integrative wellness programs that provide long-term benefits for people’s health & wellbeing.

Ulli thrives on helping these heroes – wellness entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses – successfully grow their businesses, strengthen the impact of their work and create the positive change we all need.

Kate McIver

A wellness enthusiast committed to community building. Over 12 years experience in project management for global wellness entrepreneurs and small businesses, helping bring a variety of initiatives to fruition.

Giver of great hugs, lover of to-do lists and laughter, organizes complex projects into understandable next-steps, leads with head and heart.

Current obsession:
Snail mail and virtual dinner dates.

Over the past 12 years, Kate has supported wellness entrepreneurs and small businesses in bringing their visions to fruition by managing and organizing projects in branding, strategic planning, large and small-scale event management, marketing and social media, community programming, spa management, customer service training, and technology and software implementation.

For each project, Kate seeks to co-design a process and solution with the client to best meet the needs of the business and the community they are serving.

She believes that by focusing on how the business or initiative will impact the community leads to greater success and longevity for all stakeholders – if the community is invested in your success you can weather any storm.

Kate is currently enrolled in a Story Skills Workshop with marketing guru, Seth Godin, in order to tell stories that can change the world; as well as a Resident-Centered Community Planning course delivered by Concordia, an award-winning architecture and design firm, where she is learning their unique approach to facilitate and advocate for strong community-based processes. She has also completed courses in Project Management from General Assembly and Positive Leadership in Spas & Hospitality from UCI taught by industry leader, Jeremy McCarthy, and holds a bachelor’s degree in spa management from the University of Houston, Conrad N. Hilton College.

Driven by a desire to connect and a thirst for learning and with her professionalism and good sense of humor, Kate has tapped into a global network of experts and entrepreneurs that continue to teach her new ways of doing business…and she would love to learn from you!

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