About The Wellness Agency®

We believe in wellness travel as a sparkling source of inspiration for healthy, sustainable living.

Wellness workshops, journeys and retreats can provide a sneak preview of what healthy living looks like, feels like and tastes like. They ignite  inspiration. They provide traction. They empower us. They have what we need to get on and stay on the path toward better health and wellbeing.

Wellness retreats have the potential to transform people’s lives.

Wellness retreats also offer a great opportunity for hotels, spas and other hospitality businesses to claim their brand as wellness resort and create a strong following of primary wellness travelers and repeat customers.

But not all properties have the in-house resources to roll out high-quality wellness programs that fully align with their brand and attract their ideal audience.

That’s where we can help!

We design, facilitate and market integrative, engaging wellness retreats for your property that inspire and empower your guests to take charge of their health & wellbeing, strengthen your positioning as wellness brand and create new sustainable revenue streams for your business.

Curious how we do it?

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Meet the Founder

Ulli Lagler Peck - Founder of The Wellness Agency

Ulli Lagler Peck

Hospitality professional, environmentalist and dedicated wellness enthusiast who has mastered the art of translating the essence of healthy, sustainable living into inspiring, empowering, effective wellness programs that can easily be integrated into daily, busy lives.

Ulli (pronounced like Julie without the J) founder of and visionary behind The Wellness Agency®, looks back to more than 25 years experience in the corporate hospitality, wellness consulting and environmental nonprofit world.

She managed day-to-day operations of upscale resort spas and wellness centers in the US and Europe where she created new wellness programs, managed workshops and retreats and directed successful marketing initiatives. Additional positions in the hospitality world ranged from front office, spa operations and F&B management to marketing communications, back office support and financial administration for small, privately owned B&B-style accommodations as well as for corporate hotel chains.

With another part of her career dedicated to the environment Ulli worked with the United Nations Environment Program, World Wildlife Fund (Worldwide Fund for Nature) and the Austrian Federal Environment Agency on the design, implementation and management of global conservation programs. She coordinated the launch of green start-ups and educational initiatives and helped develop sustainable management handbooks for the travel and spa industry.

After her last corporate hospitality stint as spa director with Vail Resorts/RockResorts she launched The Wellness Agency® in 2008 to help wellness professionals and destinations around the world bring authentic, meaningful, transformative wellness programs to life that are full of inspiration for an active, healthy way of life.

Ulli is fluent in German and English and enjoys working with wellness professionals and hospitality experts from around the world who all share her passion for inspiring and empowering others to proactively take care of their health & wellbeing while being mindful of their social and natural environment.