In the past 10 years the wellness industry has grown into a trillion dollar industry. At the same time the state of health of the people in the US and worldwide has declined at an unprecedented rate, with preventable lifestyle diseases being on a continuous rise.

People are as unhealthy as never before and the gap between what big wellness corporations are offering and what people really need is widening every year.

It’s time to bridge that wellness gap! Can we do it? Of course we can!

Because somewhere behind big corporations, deluxe destinations, social influencers, trends and fads are holistic wellness practitioners, solopreneurs, small business owners, whose relentless, purpose-driven, passion-filled work makes the biggest difference for our health & wellbeing.

These wellness entrepreneurs – people like you – are the true heroes in today’s world that needs health & healing like never before.

Imagine your impact if you could fully focus on doing what truly makes a difference for people’s health &  wellbeing.

Sounds Like You?

You are a heart-centered professional in the health & wellness field who provides a blend of hands-on services and online programs that help people feel better, live better and make conscious decisions about their health and wellbeing.

You may be a retreat leader, wellness coach, spiritual consultant, stress management professional, meditation instructor, yoga instructor, fitness coach, nutritional consultant, or a professional from another wellness discipline.

Your services include hands-on, one-on-one and group classes as well as online consulting & coaching. Your programs consist of a blend of in-person classes as well as online courses and membership sites. The experiences you provide include transformative wellness retreats and other immersive experiences, off-line and on-line.

You may offer wellness products but even in that case you are more interested in growing a lifestyle/wellness community and promoting a healthy, balanced lifestyle rather than selling big on Amazon or anywhere else.

You strive to empower people to proactively take charge of their wellbeing and take bold steps toward optimum health and authentic happiness.

And you are tired of running a business that keeps hijacking your energy and holding you back from being your best and providing extraordinary experiences for your customers.

My Mission Is Simple

Help wellness entrepreneurs optimize their processes and systems so that they have more time and energy for what really matters.

That way they can grow their business with joy and ease while staying focused on what they are most passionate about and what truly has an impact on people’s health & wellbeing.

Here’s How We Can Work Together

Business Growth

As wellness entrepreneur you’ve embarked on an ambitious mission. You want more than a business that supports your livelihood. You are up for creating positive change on a global level.

That requires proven strategies, processes, and systems for smooth business operations and – most importantly – protection of your energy and time.

Because your time and energy are the most precious resources you have. Let’s protect them!

You have outgrown your current systems but the thought of migrating all your contacts, processes, workflows, or website to a new platform make you gasp for air and want to crawl back into bed.

Relax! I’ve got this! System migrations are like moving into a new home. Daunting at times, careful planning is required, but what waits for you at the other end is a clean, airy, uncluttered space for your business and well deserved free time for you.

Ready for fresh beginnings? Let’s do this!

Running a business while providing healing services at the same time can feel like a constant battle between left brain and right brain, productivity and creativity, intuition and strategy.

Your business is in good hands with me. While you stay focused on what you love doing and only you can do,  my team and I take care of things in the background.

The result: smooth operations that will enchant your customers and relax your mind.

Let’s bring more joy and ease into your business. Shall we?

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