In the past 10 years the wellness industry has grown into a trillion dollar industry. At the same time the state of health of the people in the US and worldwide has declined at an unprecedented rate, with preventable lifestyle diseases being on a continuous rise.

The gap between what the wellness industry is offering and what people really need to stay well & healthy is as wide as never before.

It’s time to bridge that wellness gap!

Somewhere behind big corporations, deluxe destinations, social influencers, trends and fads are the people we really need to become whole & healthy again.

They are true wellness warriors – solopreneurs, small business owners, startups – whose relentless, purpose-driven, passion-filled work makes the biggest difference for our health & wellbeing.

Sounds like you? Come along!

Our mission is simple

Empower wellness entrepreneurs worldwide to amplify their impact and claim their role as true leaders and changemakers in a global wellness industry

We aim to achieve this by helping small wellness businesses, solopreneurs and startups streamline and scale their business operations, optimize their marketing initiatives and get more done in less time with better results.

That way they can stay focused on doing what they love doing while building a profitable business and creating the positive change we all need.

Simple does not mean easy

But together we can do this!

The world needs your genius, your programs, your unique skills and we are ready to share your gift with the world.

Our clients are heart-centered professionals in the health & wellness field who provide a blend of hands-on services and online programs that help people feel better, live better and make conscious decisions about their health and wellbeing.

They thrive on empowering people to proactively take charge of their wellbeing and take bold steps toward optimum health and authentic happiness.

And rather than spending time with business management, online marketing and social media they value connecting and staying in touch with people in the real world – offline and online – and help them live to their fullest potential.

Come along with us!

Running your own business with the purpose of helping people become whole again, feel better, be happier and stay healthier can feel lonely, messy and sometimes painful.

We are here to remind you that your work has an impact. In fact, this is a better world because of you!

So you have to keep going.

We are here to walk that path with you.

With one hand on your back and the other hand to light the way.

Meet your new Team

We are passionate about your business!

Here’s how we can help you thrive

Business Growth

As wellness entrepreneur you’ve embarked on an ambitious mission. You want more than a business that supports your livelihood. You are up for creating positive change on a global level.

That requires constant innovation and development of new products, programs and services. Proven strategies, processes, tools and systems are essential for that.

Sounds daunting? No worries! Let’s do this together. We’ve got no time to lose.

Let’s ditch the idea right here that you have to have a sales funnel, aggressively build your mailing list, post daily on social media, upsell your services and do all those things you absolutely despise doing.

Health & wellness marketing is educational, personal, authentic. Letting your story, tone of voice and personal style shine through all facets of our business is most important.

Relax! We got this! And we can’t wait to start spreading the word about your awesomeness!

Running a business while providing healing services at the same time can feel like a constant battle between left brain and right brain, productivity and creativity, intuition and strategy.

Your business is in good hands with us. While you stay focused on what you love doing and only you can do, we take care of things in the background.

The result: seamless operations and smooth processes that will enchant your customers and make them come back for more.

Let’s bring your programs & services to more people, in more places, more often. Shall we?

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