Who We Are

The Wellness Agency® is a boutique wellness consulting firm that specializes in custom-design & development of holistic wellness programs for resort hotels, destination spas and wellness communities.

The wellness travel industry is booming and has grown into a 640 billion dollar industry.

Wellness tourism is here to stay and properties that don’t want to be left behind in a fast changing travel industry have no choice but to respond to this trend.

Offering their own brand of wellness programs and retreats has proven to be extremely effective for a re-positioning as wellness resort.

Wellness retreats in particular provide an easy entry into the wellness travel world.

But easy doesn’t mean quick and shallow!

Randomly adding yoga retreats or re-packaged weekend specials to your offerings or serving as a backdrop for wellness themed group business will not be sufficient to claim your position as wellness resort and win the heart of the high-end repeat traveler.

If done well, retreats provide transformative, potentially life changing experiences for your guests, help your property stand out as a unique destination in a competitive wellness market and create profitable streams of revenue.

Getting there can be a long journey. We’ll help shorten the ride!

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Who We Work With

We work with boutique hotels, corporate hotel chains, resort spas and other hospitality businesses that have a genuine interest in offering integrative wellness programs & retreats but don’t have the in-house resources to design, facilitate and manage high-quality, authentic wellness experiences and to successfully market them to a constantly evolving audience of health-conscious consumers and wellness travelers.

What We Do

Wellness Program Design & Development

More and more hospitality businesses are discovering wellness retreats as a profitable way to position themselves as a wellness resort and to create sustainable streams of revenue.

But today’s wellness customers are sophisticated, their expectations are high and if programs and services are not delivered with integrity or do not meet their standards, a promising opportunity will be lost.

We design, develop and facilitate custom-branded wellness programs for your property that are anchored in globally recognized wellness models, fully align with your brand and hold a strong potential for recurring business and referral marketing.

Wellness Retreat Marketing

Retreat marketing is tricky. Other than vacation packages or specials that people can book individually over a longer period of time, group retreats have a set date and your marketing initiatives have to convert into sales at a specific time.

Our hands-on marketing support as well as a custom set of strategic marketing, outreach and branding initiatives will get your message in front of the right person in the right place at the right time.

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