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Who We Are

The Wellness Agency is a boutique consulting firm that specializes in design, facilitation and marketing of wellness destination retreats.

We are a team of hospitality, wellness and marketing professionals who are passionate about healthy, sustainable travel and holistic lifestyles.

We believe in wellness travel as a sparkling source of inspiration for healthy, sustainable living. Wellness workshops, journeys and retreats can provide a sneak preview of what healthy living looks like, feels like and tastes like. They ignite  inspiration. They provide traction. They empower us. They have what we need to get on and stay on the path toward better health and wellbeing.

Wellness retreats have the potential to transform people’s lives.

Wellness travel is booming and more and more destinations are looking for opportunities to position themselves in this lucrative niche. Adding wellness programs and retreats to their offerings has proven to be extremely effective for a re-positioning as wellness brand. But especially smaller boutique resorts don’t always have the in-house resources to develop, facilitate and successfully market new wellness programs and retreats.

This is where we come in: We design, facilitate and market sustainable wellness retreats for boutique resorts & spas that enchant their guests, strengthen their brand as unique wellness destination and create profitable sources of revenue.

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Who We Work With

We work with boutique hotels, resort spas and other destinations that have a genuine interest in offering sustainable wellness programs & retreats but lack the in-house resources to develop and facilitate high quality, popular, profitable wellness programs and to successfully market them to an affluent audience of health-conscious consumers and wellness travelers.

What We Do

Wellness Retreat Design & Facilitation

We design and facilitate wellness programs & retreats for boutique hotels, resort spas and other destinations. Destinations can choose from a wide selection of on-demand retreats and pre-designed retreat packages that can be brought to their property at any time, are quick and easy to implement and have proven to be popular, marketable and profitable, without compromising quality and authenticity.

Need tailor made wellness retreats that match your unique positioning, location, cultural identity and customer base? Try our bespoke retreats that come with a highest level of customization and marketing support.

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Wellness Retreat Marketing

Retreat marketing is tricky. Other than vacation packages or specials that people can book individually over a longer period of time, group retreats have a set date and your marketing initiatives have to convert into sales at a specific time.

We have developed a set of proven marketing, outreach and branding initiatives that connect your destination or wellness business with health conscious consumers and wellness travelers worldwide. Our marketing options range from smaller sized, yet highly effective online marketing solutions to fully customized branding, media and PR support.

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