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Who We Are

The Wellness Agency is a boutique wellness consulting firm that specializes in design and marketing of integrative wellness programs.

We are a team of hospitality, wellness and marketing professionals who are passionate about healthy, sustainable travel and holistic lifestyles.

We believe in wellness travel as a sparkling source of inspiration for healthy, sustainable living. Wellness workshops, journeys and retreats can provide a sneak preview of what healthy living looks like, feels like and tastes like. They ignite  inspiration. They provide traction. They empower us. They have what we need to get on and stay on the path toward better health and wellbeing.

Wellness retreats have the potential to transform people’s lives.

Wellness travel is booming and more and more destinations are looking for opportunities to position themselves in this up and coming lucrative niche.

This is where we come in: We bring integrative, engaging wellness programs to destinations that inspire and empower their guests to live healthier and be happier, promote their property as wellness brand, and create new sustainable sources of revenue.

Where beautiful destinations, life changing retreats and happy guests meet, big magic can happen.

Our Purpose

Design, manage and market healthy, inspiring workshops, journeys, and retreats that empower people to proactively take charge of their health & wellbeing.

What We Do

Wellness Retreats: Management & Marketing

Wellness Program Design

We design high-quality, authentic wellness retreats and transformative travel programs for destinations and corporations that inform, inspire and empower people to proactively take charge of their health & wellbeing.

Wellness Retreat Planning

Wellness Retreat Management

We provide destinations, wellness professionals and creative entrepreneurs with all the tools, guidance and templates they need to turn wellness programs and retreats into profitable sources of revenue.

Wellness Travel Marketing

We have partnered with leading lifestyle and spa magazines, PR agencies, and online media platforms to design effective media outreach and branding initiatives that connect destinations with wellness travelers worldwide.

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Who We Work with


We help destinations add high-quality, integrative wellness programs to their offerings that provide proven benefits for the health & wellbeing of their guests without compromising popularity or profitability.

Wellness Professionals

We help wellness professionals manage and promote wellness workshops, journeys and retreats so that they don’t get lost in day-to-day operations management and can stay focused on the essence of their work.


We design integrative workplace wellness programs for corporations that provide their employees with skill sets that truly make a difference for their wellbeing, happiness and productivity.

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